Friday, July 5, 2013

Give Me That Old Time Tradition

The Man Who Fired The Shot Heard ’Round The World, written by Chuck Baldwin and published April 19, 2012, noted that the clergy has an active role in the independence movement that led to the Revolutionary War. In fact, clergy members were involved in was history has dubbed "the shot heard 'round the world." I sure would love to see a bit of that old time tradition, that old time religion, today.

As explained by Chuck Baldwin:

"Being warned of approaching British troops by Dr. Joseph Warren, Pastor Jonas Clark and his male congregants of the Church of Lexington (numbering 60-70) were the ones that stood with their muskets in front of the Crown’s troops (numbering over 800), who were on orders to seize a cache of arms which were stored at Concord and to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock (who were known to be in the area, and who had actually taken refuge in Pastor Clark’s home).

According to eyewitnesses, the king’s troops opened fire on the militiamen almost without warning, immediately killing eight of Pastor Clark’s parishioners. In self defense, the Minutemen returned fire. These were the first shots of the Revolutionary War. This took place on Lexington Green, which was located directly beside the church-house where those men worshipped each Sunday. Adams and Hancock were not taken. They owed their lives to Pastor Clark and his brave Minutemen–albeit eight of those men gave their lives protecting Adams and Hancock."

I saw in the news the other day that a drone killed 16 SUSPECTED jihadists, or whatever word they're using now to try to justify the unjustifiable. A suspect has not been tried, nor convicted. These extra-judicial murders are not only illegal, they are also immoral. With the number of dead, the torture, and prisons like Guantanamo here and there across the globe, I can't imagine that the War Criminal in Charge will ever be able to wash the blood from his hands. He has repeatedly violated the constitution he swore  an oath to protect. He has broken international law on numerous occasions. The War Criminal in Charge should be impeached and tried for war crimes.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Unfortunately, far too many of the clergy in America today have left that old time religion far behind them. But not all of them, as I've learned through my visits to small rural churches. I'm going to keep visiting. I'm watching for the next Pastor Jonas Clark.

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