Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Don't Like You Or Respect You, Reader Supported News

Your headline the other day -- White Supremacists Love Ron Paul – fills me with contempt for your pseudo-journalism. How dare you call yourself a news organization, when clearly, you are not a source of legitimate news. Legitimate journalists don't need smear, because they operate with facts and logic. Your e-mail headline from today, a million readers and 883 donations, begging for funds... Good. 883 donations too many as far as I'm concerned.

That you don't support Ron Paul isn't the problem. I could respect your position if you backed it with facts and demonstrated a logical progression to your point of view. But, no. That is not what you did. Whether it is through intellectual ineptness or laziness, or a more malevolent, deliberate attempt to associate Ron Paul's name with what most people regard as hate groups, you should be ashamed of that headline. Indeed, if I weren't feeling so contemptuous at this moment, I might even feel a bit embarrassed for you concerning your very public lack of professionalism.

White Supremacists love Ron Paul? So what. White Supremacists love ice cream, too. And hamburgers, football, and indeed a few of those misguided souls could conceivably like Reader Supported News. Is that a factual reflection of the quality or lack thereof of ice cream, hamburgers, football or RSN? I think not and it is a shame that you descend to this level. And, I hope your funding descends just as low. Your propaganda and smear tactics are a disgrace.

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