Friday, March 26, 2010

These People Want My Money For WHAT?!?!?

Washington Times - EDITORIAL: Obamacare's subsidy for the sexually depraved


"Senate Democrats voted almost unanimously Wednesday night to ensure the right of rapists and child molesters to have guaranteed access to government-subsidized Viagra under the president's health care plan. Only Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana broke ranks with his Democratic colleagues."

"Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, put the Senate's majority party on the spot by offering an amendment denying convicted sex offenders coverage for erectile-dysfunction medications. Dr. Coburn's proposal would also have prohibited health care exchanges from offering any coverage of elective-abortion drugs like RU-486 at taxpayer expense."

"According to Senate Democrats, however, the drugs themselves were never the issue. Party leaders insisted subsidized Viagra would have to be provided to sex offenders because any changes to the reconciliation bill would have required the House to vote once again on health care legislation. Apparently, saving the House from an embarrassing vote was more important than protecting the public from chemically empowered predators."
Remember what you are paying for when you give the federal government your tax dollars.
I have two words... TAX REVOLT!

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