Saturday, March 20, 2010

Politicians Should Take Heed...

Calif. Police Dodge Bullet in Booby Trap Attacks - ABC News

This is an interesting story, stimulates the imagination it does. Here are some excerpts:

"First, a natural gas pipe was shoved through a hole drilled into the roof of the gang enforcement unit's headquarters. The building filled with flammable vapor but an officer smelled the danger before anyone was hurt.

"It would have taken out half a city block," Capt. Tony Marghis said.

Then, a ballistic contraption was attached to a sliding security fence around the building. An officer opening the black steel gate triggered the mechanism, which sent a bullet within eight inches of his face.

In another attempted booby trap attack, some kind of explosive device was attached to a police officer's unmarked car while he went into a convenience store.

"There's a person or people out there, a bunch of idiots, trying to do damage to us," Hemet Police Chief Richard Dana said. "We can't expect our luck to hold up, we need help."

I thought carefully about what I wanted to say, at least in this public manner, about this matter. Did I snicker at their boldness in private? Did I grin at their creativity in privacy? Did I feel a thrill rush through me at the thought that the constant governmental assault on our rights and freedoms may not go unanswered now that the political system is hopelessly broken and ineffectual? I'll keep the answers to those questions to myself, I guess. After all, we do live in interesting times.

Here, however, is what I'll say in public. Politicians would do well to take heed. They ram things down our throats that they clearly know we don't want. When they forced us to bail out the banks, indebting us for generations, they knew the American public did not support that act. They know fully that the American people are not in support of Obama care, yet they are doing their best to force it down our throats. Never mind the states acting to try to protect their citizens from this legislative obscenity, never mind public opinion. Rather than regulate the parasites sucking money and pushing up the prices for medical care, they choose to regulate the people and force them to give money to the inurance corporations and other parasitical industries associated with the health care industry.

Politicians would do well to read history. They would do well to remember that the Revolutionary War was fought over far less tax abuse. They would do well to remember that the Revolutionary War was, at its heart, guerrilla warfare. They would do well to note that each and every day the number of American people that are sick of their shit grows expodentially.

And, that's all I'm going to say on the matter. Publically, at least.


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I certainly don't find it stimulating that lowlife degenerate bottom dwelling gang members are attempting to find creative ways in which to harm police officers. We all recognize that there are officers that abuse their power, but there are good cops out there, as well. I know, they both likewise represent the government. So what? I'd rather live in a society of oppressive laws than a narco-culture where gang bangers rule the day. It doesn't stimulate me atall to think these scumbags are attempting to kill police officers. Gang members deserve to rot. Perhaps you've never been exposed to the gang culture, and that is why you can be so cavalier with your comments.
And you're giving far too much credit to our current batch of Americans in the latter part of your post. This isn't the 1770s. Americans are more concerned about remote control break down, than they are about a loss of freedoms. I want to see a maximization of freedom and a reduction of the State, but shouldn't we be advocating peaceful means to this end, and not the opposite.

Sharon Secor said...

Let me say first that I appreciate you taking the time to comment, and I do respect your point of view (as well as enjoyed a chuckle or two -- remote control breakdown, ha ha ha).

I'd also like to say that I clearly recognize that there are good cops. My local cops are wonderful people. They are the essence of what a police officer should be. I cannot speak highly enough of them without sounding all mushy and stuff. When I have a problem or a question, I call them at home. At home! Can you believe that? Coming from where I do originally, it is mind boggling to me. And, because of the way these officers operate, the people that they serve and protect (and, believe me, ours here do serve and protect, with caring and respect) would never tolerate such attacks on them. It wouldn't take a $200,000 reward (like they're offering in the story that prompted this post) to get information.

Not exposed to gang culture? Please, I've spent my entire life under an organized crime association that rivals the mafia in its reach, for whom the bottom line is always violence by armed thugs -- the US government.

But, I'm sure that's not what you're referring to. As for the type of gangs you're referring to, yes I've been around that culture as well... and not as a fearful outsider.

Furthermore, the government is WHY narco-culture is what it is. Why is there so much money in it? Because of government laws. Do you think the organized crime that is our government doesn't kill to protect their business interests? A million dead Iraqi civilians and still counting...

I am sure that many people today prefer oppressive laws that provide the illusion of safety at the expense of liberty. If y'all could arrange that for yourselves without involving me, without subjecting me to your way of living, I'd be all for that -- your choice, your life, ya know? But, y'all won't and don't.

Having said all that, however... I do agree with your remote control breakdown premise. And, my ideal resolution of the governmental situation is non-violent. I really like noncompliance. I'd prefer to do what I do in my daily life -- pretty much ignore government all together and go about my day-to-day life. Organized tax revolt, refuse the State the money to function, I like that, too. Use somebody else's money for the next bomb, not mine.

But, maybe exposure to "gang culture" (or perhaps to history) has uncivilized me to a certain degree because I also realize that there is only so much that one can allow to be taken from oneself, that there is a point when one has to defend oneself by any means necessary, including violence.

Anonymous said...


You're right. Government laws do provide the incentive necessary to catalyze the drug trade via gangs and the like. I'm all for legalizing drugs, as it would take the power from the gang bangers and their ilk and put it in the hands of the consumer in a non-violent free market setting. It's a liberty issue, and just another example of how we've been robbed of the right to make our own decisions.

And were you including me with the crowd who are willing to accept laws that diminish liberty? You better not have been, kiddo. I was just saying that, if I had to choose, I would rather live in a United States than in a Columbia. You catch my drift. I understand that size is the only difference between the mafia and our government, but what are we to do? It's an insane predicament.

At any rate, I'm fairly depressed this morning due to the passage of the new entitlement program, evidence that those in power are totally impracticable, quixotic, power hungry, and naively idealistic to a fault. These bastards (both parties) don't care about stewardship for future generations, but only forceful implementation of their pet agendas. Can this situation we find ourselves in end in any other way except eventual economic collapse? I sincerely believe that's where we are heading unless our current trajectory is radically altered (yeah, like that's going to happen).

Thank you for your response to my post, SS. You're pretty articulate for a red head...

Sharon Secor said...

Good Morning:

It's nice to hear from you again and it's a pleasure to read your thoughts. We all have just so much time in a day, and that you choose to spend some of yours with me, taking the time to post thoughtful (and thought provovking) comments... well, I feel honored.

I'd like to say I didn't originally include you with "that" crowd... but that would be a lie. So, let's leave it at this -- I stand corrected.

And, I do know exactly what you mean by the difference between Columbia and here. We see that sort of thing spilling over the borders from Mexico, even the kidnapping. Perhaps one one the most haunting things I've ever heard was this radio station out of Columbia a few years back.

I'll never forget it. It was a call-in show, scheduled weekly. People would call in with messages to their kidnapped family members being held for ransom. You'd hear women reporting on child births and other family things, assuring the kidnapped family member that they were trying to raise money. It was heartbreakingly sad.

We are in an insane situation. The only answer I can think of is to deny them money and refuse to comply in every way possible. You can legally avoid taxes by keeping income below the threshold, by spending as little money as possible, by buying used from private individuals, by bartering, by making and growing your own... anything to deprive the government of every dime possible. Local taxes are a different sort of thing, those pay for your local road, police and such... that is something everybody has to weigh out for themselves, in terms of associated moral issues. Citing an example from above, my local police... They are good, caring people, true peace officers, not the militant gestapo found in too many other places. I'm happy to contribute through my local taxes to their salaries... but my local taxes also pay for other types of citizen harrassment (not nearly as much as if I lived in a bigger place, but some.)

As for the transfering of wealth to the insurance and pharmaceutical companies via a health care bill presented as supposedly being of benefit to the American people... Mandated revenue for these industries from the people at the threat of government penalties? The IRS in charge of ensuring compliance? The insanity, it seems, never ends. It is depressing on a certain level.

But, I also see it as hopeful in a twisted sort of way. When it comes to the governmental problem, it seems that our inevitable economic crash and burn is the only solution.

Another aspect of the passing of the health care bill I find hopeful is this -- I've read some surveys that indicate one thrid to one half of doctors will leave medicine, either quitting outright or retiring early.

That will be an ample opportunity for a busy blackmarket in medical care. Cash -- no inflated insurance prices. People are people, including doctors.

We live in interesting times, according to that Chinese curse we've all heard so many times. But, we also live in hopeful times, in my opinion, because change *is* coming and we *do* have the power to shape it.

Best Regards...