Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am amazed to be saying this, but Time ran an awesome piece --The Dropout Economy

The Dropout Economy - 10 Ideas for the Next 10 Years - TIME

I hope all my friends who snicker at my idealistic anarchism without giving real thought to how it could be, all my friends who shudder at the thought of the State no longer being there to care for/rule them, and all my friends who misunderstand the term anarchist as meaning one who believes in violent, out-of-control, chaos take the time to read this well written description of the real potentials of state-free living.

I expect many of these things to come to pass as our overall economic circumstances deteriorate. I already see many of these things happening. I've been living some of these ideals for a while now, and I see more and more people moving towards my point of view. It is heartening, really. I feel good. And, I don't fear the crash that is sure to come -- look at what's going on politically and economically. If anyone sees a way it can be resolved without a crash, please tell me, because I've been thinking seriously about it for a long time now and cannot see a way the government can pull out of this situation. Not in a way that leaves we the people as our founding fathers intended our nation to be. Not in a way that doesn't enslave the people with the debts of government and their corporate owners/handlers.

Government debt is at insane levels, personal debt touched record heights. Commercial real estate is crashing, and will rock the banking and lending industries. How willing will the people be to bail them out again? How much further can taxes go up before people refuse to pay? Tax collection on all levels -- federal, state, and local -- have reached record lows. The states are starving for money. Cities are shutting down schools and laying off teachers. What way out is there other than mad inflation, perhaps after a period of deflation. (Asset deflation -- do we not see that in the falling values of real estate? I'm betting that's not the only assets we'll see taking remarkable plunges in worth). Talk of recovery -- pure propaganda, outright lies. Look at the real numbers, read a little economic history. This is an economic depression. Don't trust anybody that tells you different.

Another aspect of falling tax revenues... they can make all the laws and rules they want. What I've learned is this -- enforcement is the key. Cash starved law enforcement agencies and other officials, such as the IRS (as also pointed out in the Time article), are not going to be able to afford to enforce nonsense laws, etc. Sure, there will be a lot of fee harvesting in areas ripe for it, speed traps and the like, but hopefully, people will move away from such places. Out here where I live, police officers don't want to make a 200 mile round trip to lock somebody up for some bullshit infraction, nor do they want the hassle of paperwork and repeated court appearances. Out here, the police stick to what is important and decide situations on their merits and their knowledge of the people involved, as it should be. Out here, we have old fashioned police officers that we can respect and trust. Not like the militaristic, revenue quota driven urban police forces, in which a cop is just as dangerous as a common street criminal, if not moreso, because he has the power of the badge. Hopefully, once the money drains out, and priorities must be made, the rest of the nation can have what we enjoy here in my part of the world.

But, I digress, I guess. Excited by reading something in Time that does speak positively of a more anarchist way of thought and living, happy that concepts of voluntary association and the ideal that people are capable of organizing themselves into cohesive, working communities without a governmental overlord parasite threatening and thieving, using coersion and violence, even killing if need be. Thrilled to find those thoughts expressed in a main-stream, middle-class, white bread (squishy, factory made and packaged Wonder Bread) sort of publication. So, read the Time piece. I hope it makes you feel as happy and hopeful as it did me.

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