Saturday, April 11, 2009

Imagine What Could Be Accomplished With A Conscious Tax Revolt!

According to data I found on the Calculated Risk Blog:

"For March 2009, receipts were off 27.9% compared to March 2008.

For individual income taxes, receipts were off 27.3%.

For corporate income taxes, receipts were off 89.6% (from $32.6 billion in March 2008 to $3.4 billion in March 2009)."

Most of that is due to a faltering economy. Imagine how much less money those thieving bastards would have to dole out to their bankster buddies and other cronies and pals, to say nothing of what they funnel into their own pockets if we all refused to pay. Imagine how many forms of government harrassment would stop as money for implementation and enforcement dried up.

If we refuse the fund the State, it will crumble.

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