Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Let This Warning Pass You By...

Reuters ran a story titled Fed says plan now to avert inflation.

Inflation is the logical outcome to the money creation we are witnessing now. In fact, hyper-inflation is a logical outcome. These billions and trillions that the government is promising? The government doesn't have that. The government borrows everyday just to keep going. Other nations are not going to keep extending credit forever. The printing presses will go into overdrive. It is inevitable.

Right now, we see deflation in many areas, though prices are starting to creep up. Inflation is coming, perhaps even hyper-inflation. Preparation is smart.Non-perishable foods, bought today rather than later when it may take twice as much or more cash to buy the same items, and assorted other household goods are good investments in your future. Inflation decreases the purchasing power of your money. Often leaving it in the bank results in losing money as the rate of inflation consumes any paltry gains made via interest and more. It's far better to have the goods in hand to make it through a period of economic struggle, especially if the result of the government's fiscal insanity/looting of the nation is hyper-inflation.

And what do you think follows hyper-inflation?

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