Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah, The Benevolence Of Obama...

The government never had the right to disallow travel there in the first place.

I understand exactly why there is so little time spend in public schools teaching students about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, the Federalist papers, etc. After all, it simply wouldn't do to have a thinking populace, one aware of why government should be limited and to what degree.

Now, people think the State is the answer to everything. It is not. Personal responsibility and voluntary association are far better solutions to any problem.

Look at what we have today in Washington. Look at how our royalty live. Career politicians signing bills they don't even read. Legislation of private affairs and interactions. The idea that the government should have the right to interfere with travel is absurd, yet another example of what people have allowed to be taken from them. A no-fly list of over one million names, decided in secret, with no effective recourse for those listed, typically without reason.

What a weak people we have become.

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