Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"You S'posed To Be Fed Up By Now..."

"...only two choices, be a rebel or a slave."

A bit of perspective:

I forget where I read this, but:

"U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., recently put the $1 trillion number into perspective by saying, "If you started spending $1 million a day at Jesus Christ's birth and continued through today, you still would not spend $1 trillion."

Tim Yeager, finance professor at the University of Arkansas, verified the statement, saying it would take one million days with $1 million per day in spending to reach the $1 trillion level. The past 2,008 years and two months equal only about 733,000 days, Yeager said."

The big numbers are tossed around so much these days -- billions, trillions -- millions don't even make the list, 'cause they seem so small now compared to the amount of money the government is devoting to bailing out banksters and associated assorted criminals... It's easy to fail to perceive just how much a trillion is.

Once just how much a trillion is is realized, the next thing that needs to be understood is where exactly these trillions that are going to these banksters (financial gansters, fiscal mafia) and the rest of the criminal cronies crew are coming from.

A bit more perspective, first:

Bound by debt and obligation, the serf of old eked out his living, toiling long and hard for the basic necessities of life, having little to show for his work beyond making it through another day, another week, another month. In the medieval era, his debt and obligation were inherited by the next generation, who would also toil in serfdom. Today, too, in the 21st century, many are mired in debt – mortgages, credit card debt, consumer debt, etc. However, it is not only their own debt that they have to contend with. The lords of our manor, the president and congress, have run up and foisted upon us a debt so vast that it will be inherited not only by our children, but also our children’s children. Welcome to 21st century serfdom."


Serfdom has been described as "a condition of bondage or modified slavery which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe... Serfs were labourers who were bound to the land." While the lord of the manor couldn't sell individual slaves, if he sold the land upon which they worked, the serfs went with the land. They did not have freedom of movement because, aside from the fact that they were not freemen, they did not have the resources for liberty, far more important than a designation of freeman or not. Just because they call you free don't make it so. A serf's "work for his lord coincided with, and took precedence over, the work he had to perform" in his own interest, i.e., in order to support himself and his family (as did the labor of his family, who also were bound to labor for the benefit of the lord of the manor). In addition, there were an assortment of fees and taxes that a serf was obligated to pay from his scant earnings.

Translate that into today.

Mired in debt? Check

Supporting the fine lifestyles of our 'lords'? Check

Restricted freedom of movement? I'm gonna check that... though the myriad of ways are a whole topic of their own, one for another day.

Bound to the land? I think it may be safe to put a check here, too, because many are today... or, at least think they are, unable/unwilling to -- forgive the cliche -- think outside the box. With the bursting of the housing bubble and the mortgage and lending meltdown, all hell broke loose in the housing market, particularly for those who bought at the peak of the housing bubble, when prices were crazy inflated. With home values now in free fall mode with no end in sight, many people owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth.

Right now, 1 in 5 homeowners are in this position nationally, and if home values fall another 5 percent, that number is expected to rise to 25 percent. Those national numbers, however, don't really portray the degree to which certain regions are affected. Detroit, for example, is fucked, with homes valued so low they can be bought with a credit card. I found these numbers for a recent article I wrote, “the states with the highest percentage of negative-equity borrowers are… Nevada (55.1%) and Michigan (40%), Arizona (31.8%), Florida (30.3%) and California (29.5%) round out the top five.”

With the market simply flooded with foreclosed homes being sold by lenders and homeowners desperate to get out of homes they can no longer afford, many find themselves trapped -- bound to a home they can't sell, no money to move, etc. If they ruin their credit rating by failing to keep up with payments and falling into foreclosure, when they finally get free of the home and try to get into something more affordable, they may not be able to get another mortgage in today's tight credit markets. Of course, that is inside the box thinking. They could just walk away, as some are starting to do, and say fuck their credit rating.

Complicating the matter further is the increasing rate of unemployment. Many feel bound to a region because of their jobs, seeing entire industries shedding workers and rampant shut-downs throughout the nation. Many live in fear of losing 'benefits' that they are allowed to pay for through their place of employment, such as health care, such that it is. (Though much of that care is less about health and more about lining pharmaceutical company pockets... and ensuring a continuous flow of income to the profiteers in the health care industry)

OK, on the the next item on the serfdom list.

Generational debt obligations? CHECK!!!

And, here we arrive at who will be paying these trillions that are being handed over to the banksters, banksters who privatize profits and socialize losses. Why the fuck should you, your children, and your grandchildren pay for the losses these banksters earned through high-risk behavior (knowing from past experience that the government will just force the taxpayer to pay for their losses)? When is the last time you received a check in the mail with your share of their profits? Yeah... that's what I thought. Profits are always private.

By what right does your government take your money to give to these private corporations? Are your children serfs, born into this world owing thousands of dollars, a debt taken on as they draw their first breath? Are you a serf, that the lord of your manor has the right to place a debt obligation on your grandchildren, forcing them to pay for the handing over of TRILLIONS of dollars to PRIVATE CORPORATIONS? PRIVATE, PRIVATE, PRIVATE!!!

This is outright theft.

This is wrong.

Do not give them your money.

Stop paying taxes now.

Because they get their tax-payer paid salaries by figuring out ever more ways to empty our pockets of the fruit -- money -- of our labor, there are taxes for just about every possible occasion. Some can't be eluded, such as property tax (assuming you want to keep your property, freedom, and life), but many, many, many taxes can. Income tax -- keep "official" earnings low enough. Cash is king, barter can be better. Sales tax -- do you really need it? Can you buy it used or from a private person? Can you make it, grow it? Can you trade for it? Get creative. Depriving the government of money can be fun. And, even if sometimes it is not fun, it is always satisfying... unless you've settled for serfdom.

The Revolutionary War was fought for far less tax abuse.

Does revolt have to be violent? Sometimes. But it is, to my mind, better to exhaust all other options while protecting and making liberal use of the Second Amendment.... just in case.

I like the concept of non-cooperation, refusing to cooperate with government on any and every level possible. Not just by refusing to give them money, though that may be the most important thing of all, but also by refusing to serve on any level, refusing to make their tasks easier on any level, by stepping out of any government associated system as much as possible. By refusing to provide information about yourself or others, by handling your own problems, by organizing voluntary collectives -- as opposed to coercive models where participation is mandated and enforced by legislation and the threat of incarceration and violence -- to address broader social and community issues.

In the very rare event that I have to fill out government related paperwork -- i.e., the first hospital that I went to for my youngest daughter refused to allow you to pay cash until you'd been denied coverage through social services, so in order to continue treatment beyond the emergency room, filling out the papers was mandatory if you wanted to see a doctor there again -- I always check the box that says I am not a citizen.

I do that because I am free. I choose not to accept the designation of citizen because I do not believe that simply because I happened to be born in one place rather than another that I am obligated to subject myself to the rule of mass murderers (how many innocents have your taxes paid to kill in Iraq? Well over a million by now.), liars (didn't Obama tell us the troops would be coming home if he were elected? That's not what he is saying now, is it?), and thieves (doesn't matter which party, because it's really just one party... oligarchy quickly shifting to open fascism, which Mussolini rightly said would be better called corporatism, in order to maintain power.... corporatism: the melding of state power and corporate power. Glaring example -- politicians promising trillions of dollars that they'll take from the people one way or another to private corporations), nor do I believe I am born with the obligation to accept being forced turn over the fruits of my labor to criminals.

Serfs take food from the mouths of their children and place it in the hands of their overlords.

He's right... there are only two choices. Be a rebel or a slave.

Until Next Time...

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