Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Beast Is Starving... And, I Do My Best To Do My Part

As news stories abound on the topic of government on all levels starving for cash, including states -- and maybe even the Fed at some point -- considering taxing mileage driven by motorists, as gas taxes are not producing the desired degree of revenue, it becomes increasingly apparent that the beast is getting desperate to feed further on the income of the classes they depend on to fund their power and privilege. New taxes and fees are popping up all over the place, as the political class seeks new and better ways to suck even more money away from the people and into their grasping, greedy maws.

After all, in addition to pork barrel politics and better lifestyles than most Americans can dream about (including Cadillac health care of the very best quality), there are politically connected corporate cronies that have huge losses that need to be socialized, that need to be shifted onto the backs of the taxpayer, even though the profits are always private. Bail out these bastards?? When's the last time they sent you a check, sharing their profits?

The Revolutionary War was fought for less tax abuse than we face right now. My youngest brother tells me it took only 16 determined percent of the population to set that whole deal in motion. But, I digress, I guess.

I no longer take any real pleasure in acquisition, though I do enjoy nice things when they come my way. My pleasure now comes from the avoidance of buying anything that I have to pay tax on. I feel absolutely pleased with every penny I can not give the government in taxes. If I can make it, I do, if I can buy it used from a private person, I do. If I can trade or barter, I do. But, if I have to buy it retail with the knowledge that a portion of my money will go to feed the beast, I think twice.

Hardcore gardening and food preservation is a part of the plan for this year, as is getting some chickens and increasing the number of goats that I have. Naturally,improving my energy system is high on the priority list as well.

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