Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's Been Goin' On...

Life in the desert... it's been good to us. I've met some wonderful people, some incredibly interesting and kind people.

Been a bit busy, been a bit distracted... which made being busy a bit more difficult.

Distraction number one... a bit of surprise -- and rather odd, all things considered -- e-mail back and forth with someone from my now distant past... not really a good thing, made me feel a little... it's hard to find the right words exactly... sad isn't quite right, as I know I made the right decision when looked at from a strictly logical, reality-based perspective... maybe restless is the right word or perhaps distracted will just have to do... whatever, it wasn't really pleasant... sort of like drinking, it may feel good while you are doing it, but you know it ain't gonna feel good the morning after. Ha, ha, ha... as I think about it, that phrase pretty much sums up the whole deal, start to finish...

Distraction number two... I hurt my back a few weeks ago... agonizing pain, first time ever in my life for such an experience. As in I had to lay as still as possible for three days, eat 6 over the counter motrin tabs in anticipation of having to do the most basic things for the kids -- cook, etc. -- which bought me about an hour and a half of slow-moving, groaning in pure pain movement. I got so behind in all sorts of things... tasks that it doesn't pay to get behind on, deadlines, just everything... which led to serious stress.

Distraction number three... the feeling playing catch up anxiety.

Distraction number four... money issues. Those are finally righting themselves as I catch up with stuff. Had to get an emergency loan or two from my youngest brother to make it through though...

Distraction number five... an assortment of petty, irritating issues... nothing to write about here, I guess... but enough to suck up time and attention I should have spent writing.

Though perversely, those petty issues and irritations ended up being pretty motivational. I got a lot of stuff done today.

Time management... sigh, the endless battle, ha ha ha. I'm improving, however. I have a more desert type schedule in mind and have established that as my goal. I'm making progress towards that goal, and it feels good.

So much going on in the world.. It is almost overwhelming for me to see it all... to watch so much of what we -- my family and tight peoples -- have been discussing during the past couple of years come to pass. That, to tell you the truth, makes me feel sad. Deeply. I'd much rather be laughing together about our silly paranoias... than seeing what's been goin' on... the slide into the Greater Depression (not my phrase, that's an apt phrase from a writer whose name I can't remember)... oil, food, war, politics... falling into fascism, faster every day... and so many people so oblivious to what is going on right before their very eyes.

What else to do, but write and prepare?

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