Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning... An Auspicious Day For Beginnings

Another Sunday morning in the desert. The birds have been singing a while, since 3 AM. They do that out here, as it's so hot during the mid part of the day, that there's not much singin' goin' on. I know they were up at 3 Am, because that's when I was settling down to go to sleep. I was up late working. One of the articles is published here and the other should be published tonight or tomorrow some time.

I also started work on a fairly big project of my own, which I expect to complete in phases over the next couple of years. I started with this and this, which are part of a larger whole. I've been researching, thinking, and writing on a few topics extensively during the past few years and am now ready to start pulling that together into books. We live in interesting times, as the old Chinese curse says.

I, too, have been living in interesting times, though I say that in the nicest possible sense of the phrase. During the past few years, I think my political, social, and economic understanding has definitely matured, particularly concerning the role of the State and the responsibilities and liberties of the individual. Since being here, I've been having adventures and learning much. I'll be writing of those things as well. I feel pretty excited and very enthusiastic about the whole thing, as I know exactly what I want to do, and more importantly, I know exactly how I want to do it.

I read an interesting post on how to manage things during our clearly arrived period of economic turbulence and the assorted related challenges to come. I spend a lot of time in conversation with old timers, those of an age to remember the Great Depression or to have heard first hand from their parents of their experiences during those times. I meet the coolest people down here in the desert, so much practical know-how and, amazingly, I find that often, though decades and generations separate us, we have remarkably similar world views and basic philosophies.

Once we get the water situation under control -- meaning relying more on water cachement than buying and, perhaps even a well -- and a wind turbine or two or three set up, a bit more solar power going, and some focused gardening, we'll be in good shape, come what may. There is a wonderful community down here, looseknit, but tight. I love the way it sort of rests upon mutual obligation entered into via voluntary association.

For example, my sister, brother and I did something yesterday that wouldn't be on our list of things to do, and when we all had other pressing tasks to attend to, at the request of my water guy. My water guy does a lot of stuff above and beyond the call of water duty, and has become a great friend to the whole family. So, when he made the request, we did go to the function he wanted to see us at, as a demonstration of our appreciation and respect. He was very happy to see us arrive, and I ended up having a good time. My brother also helps him with heavy work from time to time, not for pay, but because the water guy invests a lot of energy in seeing what he can do to help us get settled and set up here. It's just really cool to see it all unfold.

And, with that, I must get about the business of the day... articles to write, my own projects to work on, yard work to do, some housework... and I want to play dominoes with the kids later on.

Until Next Time...

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