Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh, The Changes... My NY Days Are Over, Part Of A Now Distant Past

Hola... It's been a while and so much has changed. Now instead of shivering in NY, yearning for the precious few weeks of fine weather alotted to those in the Great Northeast, I enjoy the luxury of a February tan, of warm winds and April nights warmer than April days back in cold NY. And, sunshine!!! Warm sunshine, hot sunshine... I am wealthy in sunshine and feel so good.

The photo was taken by my brother. It is our dinner hour view.

While life here in the borderlands is... is... is... I don't even have words for how wonderful life is here, all I can say is that I've never been happier. I step through my doorway and stand with my feet in one nation seeing clearly into the next... but, wait, I've wandered away from what I was saying. While I do love it here, there are certainly some challenges. Getting a landline and Internet has -- and continues to be -- quite a challenge. The satelite company, although it has sent the equipment, doesn't seem to be able to pull itself together sufficiently enough to get someone out here into the wilds to install it. The telephone company just informed us that they have to add to their already lengthy wait-time of 3 months... Construction is now scheduled to be complete in late August.

Fortunately, people out here are wonderful. I have a neighbor -- lol, 10 miles away -- who generously allows me to use his Internet connection and telephone, both of which, as a freelance writer, I needed desperately. So, thanks to the kindness of my good neighbor, things are falling back into place businesswise and all is good.

And, with that, I'm off to deal with my deadline pile-up...

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