Sunday, September 16, 2007

Reorganization Plan

I’ve embarked on a grand reorganization plan. Changed the look of my old blog to one of Blogger’s spiffy and oh so easy to use new templates, put together a set of 5 new blogs (see My Regular Gigs, listed at the right) that I will be running in partnership with my sister, and have joined the world of the morning people and came blinking into broad daylight. It’s the end of September, which – as any single parent knows – begins the year’s end drive time. The holiday season is all too close, for those of us with children that await Santa’s visit, and preparation starts now, for those lucky enough to be able to do it.

I am, by nature and nurture, a night owl. I’ve always wondered about those chirpy, cheerful morning people… always wondered what dawn feels like when it signals the beginning of the day, rather than time to think about going to bed. During the past week, I got up at 6AM every day… 4AM when I had a deadline to meet. Every night, almost, I was in bed by midnight.

We switched our meal schedule to a sort of turn of the 20th century British schedule… Breakfast at 8AM, the large meal of the day, dinner, at 1PM, tea at 4PM (more of what used to be called a High Tea, with food), and supper at 8PM. Weekends are rather free form, off the clock… I sleep in and we have lots of leftovers to eat from the week’s cooking. I can do the crack of dawn during the week if I know I can sleep as I please on the weekend.

I’ve got lots of exciting projects and prospects, a lot of stuff going on in my professional life. Just received my first payment, thus making it official, for editing and rewriting the autobiography of a local man. He’s a fascinating person, one who just earned a PHD in metaphysical theology… This is going to be a grand adventure.

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