Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Letter To The Blacklisting Principal and Superintendent


I find your punishment of my son, as stated in the official letter concerning our refusal to allow his personal information to be distributed to military recruiters in search of more cannon fodder for this immoral and illegal war, to be not only offensive, but also morally reprehensible.

Your letter states:

“If you chose not to participate, your child's name will also not be able to appear in anything associated with this school such as the graduation program, honor roll list, sports programs and the annual yearbook."

With approximately one million Iraqis dead, many of them women and children, your participation in the draconian policies that lend support to this massive human rights violation in progress brings the phrase "good American" to mind, making me think back to the countless "good Germans" who remained silent and just followed orders.

The Nuremburg trials have already established that this is not an acceptable means of avoiding the responsibility to do what is right. Blackmail and blacklisting in order to force the provision of information to an agency that uses our youth -- risking permament damage to their health and well-being and even death -- to murder innocents are disgraceful, abusive behaviors.

As an internationally read freelance writer, I have no intention of remaining silent concerning this abuse of power that my son and too many others are being subjected to. I find it shameful that an individual with such a great role in the well-being of so many young people chooses to do so.

Sharon Secor, Freelance Writer
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Frank said...

I looked through the available info about FERPA and find no requirement for school administrators to retaliate against students whose parent(s) exercise their legal right to opt out of sharing directory info with third parties, including military recruiters. The school will still be in compliance with the law, and at no risk of losing federal funds. The school authorities are way, way out of line, and possibly acting illegally. Have you consulted an attorney?

Sharon Secor said...

Hi Frank... I've been doing the same thing, and I agree with your assessment. I'm considering various options right now. Thank you for taking the time to look through the FERPA, too, I really appreciate it. This affects a lot of young people. Aside from the larger issues, which are most important to my son and I, it strikes me as very unfair that my son can be punished for something that is out of his control. After all, he can't prevent his parents from refusing to provide the information.

Anonymous said...

good on you I hope everyone does this. Any resistance is important. Well, with the possible exception of the waiter in Paris overcharging the german occupiers and calling it an act of resistance.

I have always wondered why the so called authorities always want to punish for even the slightest act of defiance.