Friday, September 28, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Refuses To Submit To The Illegitimate Power Of The State!!

I'm not a great fan of Ms. Sheehan politically, she's a bit too State-oriented for my taste. In other words, she believes in building a better State, rather than the concept that the State is, in fact, the problem. With that said, however, I have tremendous respect for her as a person and for all that she has accomplished in publicizing and protesting this illegal and immoral war. I respect all that she has lost and sacrificed in her journey.

I was thrilled to see her reject the concept that this State (even though it was limited to this State, not the State) has authority over her and to see that she is publically stating what it in fact is that we are facing -- fascism.


Anonymous said...

Damn straight, I'm glad that some people are finally beginning to recognise the government for what it really is: debauchery.

Anonymous said...

It used to be that those few of us who were talking about fascism were more or less ridiculed. ...the u.s. fascist? impossible. Now it has become so blatently obvious that even main stream types are saying it. Who knows maybe the masses will wake up. Based on the "election" though I don't see any evidence. Business as usual, murder, torture, war, police state expansion seems to be the rule.