Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Local Finest Fascists At It Again

In the midst of their other troubles -- including crack dealing police officers -- our local police force found time in their busy schedule to knock on my brother's door last night.

They were so busy, apparently, that they didn't have time to say hello, just had enough time for an immediate take down.

They found his door mat amusing (I have the same one), they were chuckling over it ("Come back with a warrant," snicker, snicker, snicker) while they smeared his blood all over their car after beating the shit out of him in front of his house.

So busy were these fascist pig jack-booted thugs, that they declined to tell him why they were detaining him. They withheld the information for hours. Though it may have had something to do with him asking if they had a decible counter, as they seemed to think that the music coming from his computer speakers -- inside his house on the second floor -- was too loud.

Nobody is really sure though, as he was sleeping on the couch and was able to hear the doorbell, so it stands to reason that his computer speakers probably were not disruptive enough to provoke a neighbor into calling the police. And, when they went up to search the house -- when they yanked him out of the door that he opened it to asked what they wanted, beat the shit out of him and threw him in the back of the cop car, my brother neglected to shut the house door, which allows them to search these days -- they told one of the two other people (one of which was sleeping and lives there) up there that they were responding to a shots fired call.

In addition to refusing to tell him what he was being charged with, they also took his clothes. All of them. So, he spent the rest of the evening naked in a holding cell. That may have been response to him refusing to answer questions that he felt were not their business and had little bearing on the situation at hand. They had no particular interest in allowing him a phone call to inform anyone of his whereabouts, either.

My brother owns his own house, is 27 years old and has never been arrested before. He was released on his own recognizance after his arraignment for reproducing sound, something that the local gestapo running the jail claim is a city ordinance but aren't sure what it means, and resisting arrest (perhaps lifting his head after he kissed the concrete, not really sure how an immediate take down and police administered beating translates into resisting... the judge appeared to be a bit confused on that as well... though she may have had other things on her mind, such as her husband, who's been charged with molesting a 14 year old girl.)

Absolutely amazing.

(Edited to add a comment from my brother, who told me via e-mail that they "say that they heard music from 50 ft away, and that i "passively" resisted the officers..." Passively resisted??? Very interesting. His resistance was so passive that a beat down was required?)

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