Thursday, June 7, 2007

Stop Snitchin'

My sister and I were just reminincing about Piney, our childhood dog, and how all of our kitchen chairs bore the marks of my father's failure to remember to put the dog out before he yelled at us or spanked us. When he forgot to put the dog out first, he'd have to fend him off with a chair, like a lion tamer. The dog wouldn't allow anyone to yell at us or hit us.

Once, when we were little, Piney bit a neighborhood bully, right in the butt. Her father did not call the cops, nor did he drag us into court to sue us. He knew his daughter as well as anybody, and knew that it probably wouldn't have happened if she was not giving us Indian rope burns, pushing, shoving, and the like. They put peroxide on her butt, reminded her to behave, and got on with their lives and when she came to play my mother reminded us all to behave, and kept the dog in. Problem solved. (Except for the Indian rope burns and the occasional spit torture.)

People are so fast to report this, report that, take people to court and invite the State into their lives. And, with each of those incidents, the State thinks more and more that it has some sort of right to be involved in the day-to-day life of the citizen. That is why they now think they have the right to conduct mental health screening -- without parental consent -- on children in public schools. It's why the State feels it can tell you not to talk on a cell phone while driving, as though you're not capable of doing so while juggling your coffee and cigarette, ha ha ha. When are they going to outlaw having kids in the back seat without an adult, as driving while refereeing the he's touching me, she's looking at me battles is a public danger?

Stop snitchin' to the State, you legitimize the State's attempts to control more and more of the individual details of our day-to-day lives.

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