Thursday, June 7, 2007

Looks Like The Browns Have Trouble

Reports are filtering in that the Feds are gathering at the Browns' home.

Here's an excerpt from one news story:

"People are being kept several miles away from the Center of Town Road in Plainfield, where Ed and Elaine Brown live. Neighbors, including some who have been evacuated, reported police SWAT teams, a helicopter and at least one armored vehicle converged on a field near the home Thursday morning.

Authorities have not said if they were moving in to arrest the fugitives..."

Ed says, according to some reports, that he won't be taken alive. That is the violence inherant in the State. Behind every law is the threat of incarceration or death.

Ed Brown may die today because he refuses to bow to the illegitimate power of the State. If that be the case, may he not make that transition alone.

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