Monday, June 4, 2007

I Am So Pissed At This Arrogant Bastard...

... what a contemptable piece of garbage. I really wish he would just go away. And, for the record, I do not contact him unless he contacts me. That's because I want nothing to do with him.

From me:
I have forgottenhow we left that conversation... actually, the substance of the whole thing -- other than whether or not i "had an attitude" -- has left my mind almost completely and i don't really remember what was decided in terms of making arrangements other than a vague recollection of you saying for me to pick a time and place and to call you as you hung up, but that doesn't seem logical to me, as i don't generally call you... nor do i believe it is my responsibility to do so.

it is your responsibility to contact me concerning visitation. if there is a visitation problem, in my opinion, it lies with you, not me. i do not deny visitation -- i cancelled a visit one time due to work and once, when she was just a few weeks old and i was still recovering physically from the delivery, i fell asleep and missed the phone call prior to your visit and the day after my father had a stroke and you called at 9:30 AM, I said not today because we had family matters to attend to. even when i don't want to deal with you or you don't want to deal with me, i provide other options, i.e. my sister, despite the inconvenience to me of having to vacate my home and the inconvenience to her.

you do not often ask for visitation (maybe once every couple of weeks, sometimes once in a month) and frequently, when you do ask, you don't come. therefore, i assume you are not particularly interested in visiting the child. it is not my responsibility to seek you out and ask you to visit a child that you did not want and have little interest in. why would i subject my child to such degradation? or myself, for that matter? why on earth would i attempt to push my lovely child on someone who has little interest in her? you can't seriousy think that i am going to be providing progress reports, sending pictures, initiating communication or visitation, etc. and so on under such circumstances, can you?

however, when you do request visitation, i do make the effort, often at significant inconvenience to myself, to see to it that it can be accomplished. i returned your 1:22 PM wednesday june 30 call at 3 PM on the same day. I always repond to e-mail and phone messages. That you don't ask and do not come when you do ask are not my problems, they are yours. you are the one choosing to see her or not -- not me. Please do not project your lack of visitation on me, as though i do not make the child available to you, because it is not true.

i'd like to point out that i gave you a loose version of my general schedule, presented a variety of options, and gave you my cell number in the interest of being co-operative and accessible, so that:

a) you know my general location on a few specific days if you want to do jay street

b) you have a means of contacting me when i am not at home, making hit or miss scheduling a bit more workable for you

c) you can more easily make use of the option to set up a regular appointment at the intervals you want (i.e., specific day of week, specific time -- monthly, every two weeks, every week, or whatever pleases you)

please feel free to choose whatever option is best for you and make use of it as you like. i am perfectly willing to make reasonable arrangements that are as satisfactory to all parties involved as possible. i am happy, peaceful and enjoying my life. i have neither the time nor the desire for nonsensical quibbling, negativity, stress, conflict or commotion. i have no interest in making visitation tense or unpleasant, and am well versed in civilized behavior. i will make tea... perhaps even crumpets, ha ha ha.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to upset or offend, nor am I engaging in subtext woo-woo, needling or any other form of harrassment and/or aggravation. I am not being disrespectful or rude. I am simply stating in plain language my perception of the situation in an effort to facilitate its proper resolution.

From him:
Perhaps we could just keep it simple and stick to the subject, which is when would be a good time to visit ------. As I have stated before your opinions concerning anything else is entertaining but unwelcome. I have no opinions concerning you or your activities and if I did I would keep them to myself. I don't know your general location on jay St nor do I find that important for me to know. I was not in anyway trying to say that you were at fault for me not seeing benita. How often I visit is your concern if you are keeping track but I can do that for myself. This whole communication is unnecessary and awkward. If you don't understand my methods or motivations that's fine with me. You are quick to point the finger and preach from what you assume is a position of superiority, I don't see it that way. lets just leave it that way But it is fast becoming obvious that it is going to be hard to have a civil relationship with you when you insist on sending me these types of emails I beg, can we just keep it simple and if we can't can we get someone to intercede on our behalf I don't have the time or the patience to deal with whatever it is that inspires you to ramble on about that which you don't know and that which you know, but I could care less about.

I absolutely despise this individual and am sooooooo sick of his bullshit, may he rot in hell for all eternity. I pray to God that he will just go away.

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