Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've Expressed My Annoyance, Now That Payment Is Unlikely

Running a quick Google of my name, I stumbled upon an article I wrote years ago for a Christian publication that never paid me. They made repeated promises to do so... but never sent a check. Since payment is doubtful, I expressed myself:


This is Sharon Secor, author of the article on your site titled ------. I have never been paid for this work, although I have been told three times now that the money was on the way. That is not a very Christian way to behave. Especially knowing from the article itself that I am a single parent raising children alone. Trust me, every dime counts and sometimes there are not enough dimes.

I am hoping that you will review your records, realize that -- in fact -- payment was never sent as promised and make the matter right as soon as possible.

Sharon Secor

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