Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Quick Comparison Between Two Quotes

In a column in today's New York Daily News, Issac Larian, founder of the company responsible for the creation of the Bratz dolls, is quoted as saying:

"These people call themselves morality groups, but I say they are
immoral," the colorful Larian told me, adding that the dolls are pitched to 7-
to 13-year-olds, not 6-year-olds. "How do they know that something is sexy if
they are not just reading sex into it themselves. I say they are

In a May 2, 2005, article in Business Week Online, Mr. Larian is quoted as saying:

"I love the toy business because it has such sex appeal," Larian says.
"It's like getting hooked on drugs."

Who did he say the pervert was?

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