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Still More Children "Protected" By The State

Alleged Foster Care Abuse Investigated In Butler County

Investigators are looking into allegations five Butler County children were taped to seats and hooked up to leashes in their foster home.

The children were under the care of Elizabeth Hazelbaker of Jamestown, Ohio.

More info on this case, involving 5 of the 11 foster children in Hazelbaker's care, click here.

Fremont family still grappling with toddler's death
Foster parents accused of beating boy to death return to court this month
By Ben Aguirre Jr., STAFF WRITER

FREMONT — It's always hard to lose a loved one.

But to have your two young sons die within five weeks? That's just unbearable.

"A lot of people ask me how I (deal with) it," 28-year-old Monica Mireles said Thursday as she broke down while thinking about her sons, 4-month-old Justin George and 2-year-old Dylan George. Even Mireles doesn't really know how she maintains.

It's been a year since the Hayward woman lost her boys.

Her youngest son, Justin, died on Aug. 24, 2004, of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Then on Oct. 4, 2004, Dylan — who had been placed in a foster home after his brother's death — died of injuries that initially were reported to have been caused by a fall in the bathtub.

"They said that he fell and hit his head," Mireles said. "I remember thinking, 'How could that happen? ... Where are the people who are supposed to be watching my son?'"

Those people were Terry and Sherrie Corder, both 40, certified foster parents and licensed day-care owners who have three daughters of their own.

Later they'd be charged with murder.

It still saddens Mireles and her family to think about Dylan, who died of blunt trauma to the head after he was severely beaten inside the Corders' Lahana Way home, according to court testimony.

"It's been hard," Mireles said about the last year without him. "Some days are harder than others, especially when we go to the storage and see his stuff.

"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him."

He always ran around the house in diapers and used a plastic hanger as he imitated Schmeigel, his favorite character from "Lord of the Rings," she remembered.

"There's nobody that would have hurt that little boy," Mireles said.

But someone did.

Dylan had been separated from his parents shortly after Justin's death and placed into the Corders' foster home. His parents had been struggling financially, and with Justin's death, Child Protective Services removed Dylan from their care for fear they'd neglect him, Mireles said.

But what resulted three weeks later was even more tragic.

It was Sunday morning, Oct. 3, 2004, when Fremont police and firefighters were dispatched to the Lahana Way home where Dylan was unconscious, blue in the face from lack of oxygen, according to court testimony.

Emergency crews rushed him to a local hospital, and then to Children's Hospital Oakland, where he died several hours later.

Initially, the Corders told police that Dylan fell in the bathtub as they bathed him on Oct. 2, and that Sherrie Corder checked on him every hour after that, police said.

But Mireles knew something didn't add up after she saw the injuries Dylan had suffered.

"There was some suspicion from the beginning because there were a lot of bruises," she said. "They said he hit his head on the faucet, but how do you get a bruise under your ear?"

Police also were skeptical of the story, especially after doctors said Dylan had internal injuries consistent with abuse, and the autopsy revealed he'd died from blunt trauma to the head.

Detectives arrested the foster parents two days after Dylan's death and booked Terry Corder on suspicion of murder and his wife on suspicion of child cruelty and being an accessory to murder.

That's right. You read that correctly. These poor parents lose a baby to SIDS, Child "Protective" takes their toddler because they "fear" that in their grief they will neglect him, and just a few weeks later he is beaten to death by the vicious animals that were serving as foster parents. Check out the rest of the story here.

Former child welfare worker faces child porn charges

EVANSVILLE, Ind. A former child welfare worker faces charges of distributing and possessing child pornography after police discovered a large volume of child porn in his home.

Investigators say 55-year-old Michael E. Pridemore came under investigation in January after a New Hampshire detective posing as a 12-year-old boy in an Internet chat room received, via e-mail, sexually explicit pictures of minors from the Loogootee man.

That information triggered a raid on Pridemore's home by the Martin County Sheriff's Department, who then uncovered additional child pornography in the home and on his computer.

Pridemore faces two federal charges of possessing and distributing child pornography.

According to court records, investigators found diskettes containing hundreds of images of child pornography locked inside tool boxes at Pridemore's home.

Investigators also found videotapes and still pictures of nude children.

When arrested, Pridemore was working as a caseworker for the county's Children and Family Services Office in Shoals, Indiana.

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Don't let the headline throw you off... he was working as a caseworker when he was arrested, working with children and their families while allegedly committing his vile acts.

The State... protecting children, indeed... what a disgrace.

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