Saturday, April 23, 2005

And, Yet Again, It Happens...

... another child dies in foster care.


23-Month-Old Dies In Foster Care

Birth Parents Blame DCF, System

POSTED: 3:31 pm EDT April 22, 2005
A family whose child was taken away from them by the Florida Department of Children & Families is blaming the system for allowing their 23-month-old son to die. Christina Mantooth and her husband are mourning Gregory Love, who died while living in foster care after his parents failed a drug test."He's never been sick," Mantooth said of her youngest child. "He was in perfect health. He was a perfect child."
Christina Mantooth with her husband and four children.
Mantooth had her four children taken away by the DCF April 5 for failing a drug test.

And, please do note -- their children were NOT taken away because they beat them, nor because the were unfed, sexually abused, or left alone.

They were, according to the report, taken away because the mother failed a drug test. Would the child be dead if he'd been left with the people who loved him, with in-home services if necessary? Probably not... (Oh, what an embarassing mistake, I didn't realize I'd left off the 'not' for almost 16 hours... let me state firmly my belief that that child would still be alive today if he'd been left with his family -- where he damn well belonged.)

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