Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Two Federal Rulings On Fosterincarceration

Judge: DCFS Threats To Families Violated Rights

State Accused Of 'Destroying Families, Hurting Children'

POSTED: 7:15 am CST March 15, 2005
UPDATED: 7:23 am CST March 15, 2005

Excerpts From Article:

CHICAGO -- A federal judge has ruled that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services violated families' constitutional rights when the agency threatened to separate parents from their children during abuse investigations.

Monday's ruling was the second by Pallmeyer stemming from the same lawsuit to go against DCFS. In 2001, Pallmeyer found that DCFS often made findings of wrongdoing based on little evidence.

(Oh, great, now this formatting wants to give me a hard time... In reading the above, it is important to remember that the vast number of allegations are determined to be unfounded. Furthermore, allegations can be made anonymously and are a common tool of harassment and intimidation in divorces, break-ups and other disputes, as they trigger an automatic period of investigation.)

Posted on Tue, Mar. 15, 2005

A federal judge has ruled that Mississippi's 3,000 foster children can be represented in a single federal lawsuit that contends the state Department of Human Services fails to protect them.

"In the court's opinion," Lee wrote, "it is reasonably clear from their complaint that plaintiffs have identified alleged shortcomings by DHS ... of its staffing, policies and practices, which, if proven, could readily be found to place every child in DHS custody at substantial risk of harm."

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