Tuesday, March 1, 2005

The Gypsy Queen...

...makes yet another successful move! Fortunately, I only had to step outside just one time, as a large cabinate wouldn't fit down the back stairs.

Over the weekend, I made the move from upstairs to downstairs as my downstairs neighbors made the shift to the upper apartment. Apparently, they are not as enthralled by the pitter-patter of little feet as I am and our irregular hours (What time is bedtime, mommy? Well, when you get on my nerves, dear child of my heart.) drove them insane.

After years of working 3 to 11's and 11pm to 7am's, my wake-sleep cycle has been permanently distorted. Add a few years of breastfeeding babies 'round the clock (wow, almost a decade, when I add it all up!) and the wild child days of my youth... and the years I spent as a young child staying up way past my bedtime reading with the night-light... sleeping nights has just never been my thing.

Living underneath me and my little night owls was surely a torturous experience for my morning-people neighbors. And what they gave up to escape it!! My new apartment is fabulous. Although the kitchen is shockingly small (looks like it's in what upstairs is the bathroom), the rest is grand. What is the eat-in-kitchen upstairs is a large dining area here. What was the back bedroom upstairs is a huge bathroom (with a closet!) here. Then, two other decent-sized bedrooms with HUGE closets. One has double walk-in closets! What was the livingroom and diningroom (which served as my office) upstairs is a large livingroom-type area. I lost a fireplace, but gained two ceiling fans, these wonderful closets, washer/dryer hookups, and a nice back deck.

And, did I mention that the rent is CHEAPER!! Cheap enough that I can keep this place to store my stuff in while I spend a few months at a time away, travel writing or simply just continuing my regular work while avoiding winter. How sweet it is!!

I've never liked first floor apartments because of the vulnerability to break-ins, but with little ones they are good in case of -- God forbid -- fire. Plus, I live in a neighborhood with the most nosy, eagle-eyed neighbors you can imagine. So, I feel pretty safe. Besides, when I'm away, I'll store my valuables (my computer) at my sister's or brother's house.

I expect this to be the last move for a while, but you never can tell what the future may bring.

Until Next Time...

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