Monday, March 28, 2005

Cooking The Books In Fosterincarceration Land

Some excerts from an interesting piece, written by staff writer Matthew Mosk, in the Saturday, March 26, 2005, edition of the Washington Post:

The records, which Lane [Michelle Lane, Republican, former state worker, also worked for Governor Ehrlich] provided to The Washington Post, appear to document her repeated efforts to alert top officials in the Ehrlich administration to evidence that the state was neglecting foster care children by assigning them to social workers who were on leave or retired.

Lane said in an interview that she was "shocked" by the discovery and alerted her boss, Department of Human Resources Secretary Christopher J. McCabe. "I thought he would be shocked and outraged, as I was. . . . He wasn't," said Lane, who ran the department's office of planning.

Lane then started sending memos to other top officials. In a September 2003 memo to M. Teresa Garland, the special secretary for children, youth and families, Lane described how she uncovered violations of a court decree that required the state to limit the number of foster care children assigned to each state social worker.

Lane wrote that she "discovered that there were children assigned to workers who were no longer employed by the state." She said this illegal practice explained why an internal audit found foster care children going without being seen by a social worker "for months at a time -- with the most severe case, a young girl, who had not been visited for seventeen months."

And, now, back to work for me. I'll be doing little travel destination pieces today -- Nicaragua, Nevis, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Caracas, Cartagena.... Not to mention housework...

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