Friday, January 21, 2005

Well.. the big blow up came. El compañero (see, I can do the tilda now!!) is now a thing of the past... not even my friend. I still have to deal with him for 11 more days. Why? Because I rented him my back room. And, let me state right here for the record that I sleep where I always have -- with my babies. The rental issue was a separate thing. An unfortunate thing. But separate.

So, my life sucks right now. Big time. Not really, but it feels like it right now. I'm blogging because I really, really, really want to cry right now.

But, ya' know what -- and I'm going to say this until it feels true -- fuck him. He's obviously too stupid for me. If he's too stupid to see what a fine opportunity he had -- chillin' with me as we travel where my writing takes me, making a beautiful new baby to raise with the lovely ones I already have, practicing and teaching freedom, doing good works... well, fuck him then, he's just too stupid for me. Way too stupid.

As soon as I can get this rental shit wrapped up, I'm off to visit the Army-base town my brother lives in. I'll spend some time with my brother and dig around for things to write about. I already have a few ideas...

For example:
Military Families hit by Child Protection Services
If you are a Military Family or know of a military family that has been attacked by Child Protective Services while deployed, please send us your story.
Please contact:

I've been hearing more and more about military families struggling with CPS... I'll be investigating that while visiting my brother.

And, I'll try to interview military families about how they feel about the war. Perhaps try to inspire some social-political action or demonstrations against the war. Maybe we can put together fundraisers to buy the soldiers being shipped out proper body armor to protect themselves, as despite finding $40 Million dollars to spend on the inauguration, our government can't seem to find the money to see to it that the poor people fighting this unconstitutional, illegal and just straight up wrong war have the proper protective gear that they need.

Damn, I feel like shit. O.K. Take a deep breath... think about something good that happened today... I just got hired for a project that will earn me $1200. I'll work like a slave for it, write my ass off, but... it's one thousand and two hundred dollars!!

Yep... now's the perfect time for it, working like a slave. It's bitter cold up here in the Great Northeast. Too cold to go out for anything other than essential supplies. So, I'll work real hard, so hard that I won't have the time or energy to feel as miserable as I do right this moment. Then spring will come... perhaps God will send the right person my way... or enough money for the clinic-turkey baster way of having just one more baby before it's too late for me to do so.

Yep... my life definately sucks.

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