Sunday, January 9, 2005

Just Finished Reading:

C.I.A.: Cocaine In America, A Veteran of the C.I.A. Drug Wars--Tells All
by Kenneth C. Bucchi, C.I.A. Contract Agent

Currently Reading (rereading, actually):

The Myths of Motherhood, How Culture Reinvents the Good Mother
by Shari L. Thurer

Reading To Children Over Dinner (and they love it, even ask for it!!):

The Last Plantagenets by Thomas B. Costain

The above is an interesting book, first published in 1962. We're currently on the section about King Richard, just after the death of his beloved wife, Queen Anne, in 1394. Naturally, this is the perfect lead-in for us to begin to explore the plays of Shakespeare. I think it's safe to say that if they were locked down in the government miseducation facilities commonly referred to as public schools they would neither learn so much, nor enjoy it so well.

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