Sunday, January 30, 2005

Damn It...

On my website, at the bottom, I run the Amber Alert ticker. As I learned, through my research for various articles, more about the CPS system, I became conflicted about having the Amber Alert on my site. That is because frequently the children on the Amber Alert are children rescued from fosterincarceration by their parents (and don't even bother me with nonsense about kids being there because they need to be protected from bad parents -- run the numbers yourself about abuse and death in state care as compared to in the general population, review the subjective standards for removal, the racial disparities, the money received by the system for each child in care, then get back to me...) and I don't want to facilitate these parents being caught and their children returned to state care.

However, today's events reminded me of the reason I put the Amber Alert ticker there in the first place.

10-year-old Katlyn Collman, of Indiana, was found dead today. Damn it, damn it, damn it. How heartbreaking.

I'm no longer conflicted about the Amber Alert. As much as I dislike how it is typically used, the fact remains that it does increase the chance of finding a stolen child before he or she meets the same fate as Katlyn and so many others.

My heart goes out to her family.

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