Thursday, December 30, 2004

Just A Little Quickie

A quick post while I have my post-nap, pre-dinner, wake-up cup of coffee... someday we shall rejoin the daytime world, perhaps when spring comes and it's worth being up in the day. The littlest still has a strong dose of the cold, and the older one is almost fine -- appetite returned. Both are busy creating works of art on their new easles -- one doing a watercolor and the other pen and ink.

An interesting gun control story out of Massachusetts, here's an exerpt:

"WOBURN, Mass. - When Massachusetts this month became the first state to install an electronic instant-check system with a fingerprint scanner for gun licenses and purchases, the impact was quickly apparent.
On Wednesday, for example, moments after a court placed a woman's husband under a restraining order, a notice about the order popped up on a computer at the police station here. The police went to the man's house and confiscated all 13 of his guns."

While, perhaps in this case the removal of the guns was correct -- though considering ease with which the worthless pieces of papers referred to as restraining orders are obtained, we can't even be sure of that -- consider the frequency of mistakes on such listings as the new no-fly list (Ted Kennedy, for example) in conjunction with the ability of the police to come into your home and take your second ammendment guaranteed gun without an actual gun involved crime being committed. Indeed, the mere risk that you may do so at some undefined point in the future seems to be enough for confiscation.

Are those rabid for gun-control taking a page out of the Child "Protective" Services Handbook? Hmmmm...

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