Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hola Peoples...

Tomando mi cafe, after a good nap. I just read 'Widespread Christian Civil Disobedience' Predicted
on World Net Daily.

I'm all for civil disobedience. I fully support revolution. Our government is out of control, as is demonstrated by many things, including the continuing encroachments on our fundamental liberties and rights and the war in Iraq.Yet the blindness of the piece amazes me... the author wrote:

"Onhis site, Wheeler includes a subscription article comparing the Aztecs withArabs: "Both the Arabs and the Aztecs invented a religion of jihad as a rationaleto justify their imperialist empires. …"

"War– Holy War – became the purpose of the Aztec state. All soldiers in the Aztecarmy were holy warriors, warriors of the gods. Peace was dangerous. No warmeant no prisoners to sacrifice, no food for the gods, which risked the destructionof mankind and the universe itself. The only way to avoid cosmic disasterwas for the Aztecs to accept the burden fate had given them and wage perpetualwar for the salvation of humanity."

To bring the Arabs and the Aztecs together as imperialist empires without making a connection to the behavior of the United States -- not only in Iraq, but in South America and throughout the world, simply seems incredible to me.

And, my cup is empty... duty (diapers, dishes and deadlines) calls...

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