Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Could it be... yet another child protective worker falsifying documents? Or is it just another dangerously incompetent worker on the loose?

According to a February 9, 2004, Tribune-Review Media Service Report, caseworker Carla Danovsky reported seeing a "normal and healthy" girl on her June 19 visit to the child.

Interesting, considering that the child was dead of starvation and dehydration two weeks later.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, the Allegheny County coroner, "believes that when an Armstrong County caseworker reported seeing a healthy child on a June 19 visit, the girl should have appeared emaciated and sickly enough to warrant immediate medical attention."

When questioned about the visit, Danovsky, of course, says, "I cannot talk about that. It is confidential."

Her supervisor expresses the same sentiments.

"Citing confidentiality orders from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Armstrong County CYFS director Dennis Demagone also declined to comment extensively on Kristen's case. He insists, however, that Danovsky reported seeing a "normal and healthy" girl on June 19," according to the Tribune-Review Media Service report.

Also reported is this:

"Danovsky resigned from Armstrong County CYFS last fall to join the Department of Public Welfare in Harrisburg, which oversees county child welfare agencies."

So, this woman who either falsified her report of a healthy child or is too incompetent to recognize a pathetic, abused, starving child right in front of her face is now going to be overseeing the work of others? That is simply incredible.

Please, take the time to read the news report. It is shocking, ugly... shameful. It's all about the horrific consequences of overloading a system with huge numbers of children that do not belong there. The result -- the children who really need protection can't get it. The children who really need help die.

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