Monday, February 9, 2004


I found an interesting story on Freedom-Journal this morning. Of course, all days are interesting on Freedom-Journal, Linda does wonderful work.

Mississippi, it seems, is having trouble finding qualified social workers. Their response to this situation is House Bill 671.

"We are having a difficult time filling positions. Let's open it up to other majors. The abused child calling out for help doesn't care if they have a child psychology degree," said Republican Rep. Michael Janus, who is among the supporters of the bill.

Well, considering that most removals are needless, and many are simply wrong, the last thing Mississippi needs to do is reduce standards. It sounds crazy -- the system is dysfunctional, so the answer is to lower the qualifications necessary to become a part of it??

Perhaps the faulty logic is yet another disappointing result of the state's struggling education system, one that consistently ranks among the lowest in the country.

Indeed, the most logical response would be to hire better qualified staff, standardize decision making processes and reduce the number of children in the system by eliminating unnecessary and wrongful removals.

This, obviously, would free up the workers to concentrate their efforts on caring for children who really are in danger. Perhaps they should also investigate their own system more aggressively, as more children are abused while in state care than are in the general population, according to all statistics -- even the government's own numbers.

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