Thursday, January 22, 2004


As I mentioned, I am working on a piece that is very important to me. Frankly, it is a piece that should be important to all parents, especially to those that are even the slightest step out of the mainstream -- homeschoolers, political and social activists, vegetarians, poor and/or single mothers by either circumstance or choice, religous people, or 'people of color', just to name a few of the most seriously affected groups.

I am writing about the so-called child protective system. Quite frankly, it sickens me to use the term 'protective' in the context of that bureaucratic nightmare.

Over the next few days (deadline is fast approaching) and weeks (this topic is going to be one that I devote myself to until positive change happens), I am going to share my research here. When my current piece is published, I will be posting information that information as well.

Those familiar with my work know that child, family and social issues are among my primary writing topics. As a freelance writer supporting a family, I do write about many things. Whenever possible, however, I try to blend our need for money with topics of social relevance and importance. It's good karma, which is important to happy Hindu people like me.

This subject is now on the top on my list of topics to pitch, in both query letters to editors and in spec work, because every article I sell means more vital exposure for this frightening, shocking and simply horrifying topic.

And, as I am very busy today, I shall leave you with some writings on the subject at hand by freelance writer, advocate and activist Emrich Thoma.

Siempre en Paz...

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